1. Admission and registration

Registrations should be sent in writing or electronically and will be confirmed in writing. The number of participants for language courses with class lesson teaching is limited; admission will be considered in the order in which they are received.

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2. Validity of prices

The course price remains unchanged for the duration of the course. In the event of a transfer to another course, the new rates will enter into effect.

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3. Course materials

The course materials are included in the course fees.

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4. Examination fees

Internal preliminary examinations and promotion tests carried out by AKAD Language+Culture are included in the course fees. Fees for official language diploma examinations are charged directly by the corresponding examination centres.

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5. Payment terms

The course price includes the services detailed on the website. The course price is payable in advance, either in monthly instalments or in full.

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6. Invoicing / Payment deadline

One or more direct debit deposit slips will be enclosed with the invoice. These deposit slips must be used when you make your payment. The payment deadline will be stated on the invoice.

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7. Withdrawal and cancellation

Withdrawal must be notified in writing. A withdrawal free of charge is only possible up to twenty calendar days before the start of the course. If notification is given later, the full course fee will be owed. For each withdrawal / cancellation of a course with class lessons, a handling charge of CHF 80.00 will be payable.

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8. Course duration

At the beginning of your course, you will receive access to the AKAD learning platform. Upon receipt of the course materials, you have a period of one year to have your assignments marked and to use the learning platform. An extension of a further year may be requested free of charge before the end of the course period.

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9. Internet access / technical requirements

In order to use the AKAD Lernraum and the examination exercises provided there, you will need internet access and a personal email address which is used by only one user. The flash card software is included in the course materials supplied for Weg 1 and 2. The provision of software is dependent on the language and level. This is a component of the course materials. The software for using the flash cards will be installed as a client on your PC. Your PC must have JavaScript enabled. The use of this software is at your own risk. AKAD Language+Culture accepts no liability arising from the use of the electronic flash cards.

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10. Data protection

AKAD Language+Culture will collect the test results from the relevant examination centre, e.g. the Cambridge Institute. AKAD Language+Culture undertakes to treat all data as confidential and not to divulge it to third parties. Third parties do not include educational institutions within the Kalaidos Bildungsgruppe Schweiz.

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11. Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is Zurich.

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