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You are learning German through an intensive course (A1)

Our intensive German course takes place on each weekday afternoon (Monday - Friday).  Under the su-pervision of a competent teacher, you will tackle the relevant grammatical and lexical components and interesting discussions about everyday topics will allow you to practice your oral skills.  Participation within the group will also allow you to experience what life in Switzerland is like.


Course Objective

Develop the fundamental skills of the language.

Course Content

  • Grammatical and Lexical Acquisition
  • Skills development (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking)

Course Costs

CHF 2'080.- including course material

Course Requirement

No previous knowledge is required for this course.

Course Time

Monday to Friday
from 13:15 - 16:30


AKAD Zürich Oerlikon, Jungholzstrasse 43,
8050 Zürich

Course Length

8 Weeks
160 Lessons à 45 minutes

Course Dates



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«Test your language skills and find your language course.»

With the online placement test in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian, you’ll immediately know  which language level is best for you. The online placement test in English is only available for the English online placement test.

All other online placement tests are only available in German.

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