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German diplomas

Goethe-Exam: Start Deutsch 1 (SD1 )

The SD1 corresponds to an A1 (CEFR) equivalent level, confirming basic knowledge in German.


Goethe-Exam: Start Deutsch 2 (SD2)

The SD 2 corresponds to an A2 (CEFR) equivalent test. You are able to talk about day-to-day issues in simple language.


Goethe-Exam: Zertifikat Deutsch (ZD )

The ZD corresponds to a B1 (CEFR) level. You have a solid grasp of the basics and can handle most relevant situations within day-to-day activities. You are able to use a variety of grammar structures with adequate comfort.


Goethe-Exam B2 (GZB2)

The GZB2 corresponds to a B2 (CEFR) equivalent level. At this level you can follow specific and abstract topics. You can express yourself clearly and understand broad and complex texts. You can actively take part in discussions and comment on topics of interest.


Goethe-ExamC1 (GZC1 )

The GZC1 corresponds to a C1 (CEFR)level. You can use German in order to study or work. You can express yourself logically on complex issues and understand complex texts accordingly. You are a fluent speaker with a wide range of vocabulary.


Goethe-Zertifikat Grosses Deutsches Sprachdiplom (C2) (GZD)

The GZD corresponds to a C2 (CEFR) level. This is a challenging certificate offered by Goethe. You can understand everything you hear or read in German. You can summarize information obtained in written or spoken format. You are able to analyze literary texts and discuss topics while providing reasons for your point of view. This certificate is highly valued in the work environment. This certificate exempts you from taking language entry tests at the university level.


Exam "Deutsch für den Beruf" (ZDfB B2)

The ZDfB corresponds to a B2 (CEFR) level. You can write and verbalize your ideas appropriately in everyday work situations. You understand simple texts and routine correspondence within corporate life.


Exam: "Wirtschaftsdeutsch International" (PWD)

The PWD corresponds to a C1 (CEFR) level. You can understand more challenging oral and written information. You can express yourself competently on professional and economic topics. You can deal appropriately with professional correspondence.



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