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  • English Literature Courses

    In our literary courses we focus on a wide variety of literary trends, ideologies and theories. All of our books are discussed in the presence and through the guidance of an expert. All books are contextualized and theorized as well as being looked at in relation to contemporary history.

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  • AKAD E-Lingua English
    Learn English online with our interactive E-Learning Platform „E-Lingua“

    Learn English online, acquire a whole language level or prepare yourself for a well-known language certificate. Our E-Learning platform is an exciting and extremely user-friendly educational instrument that offers individual language courses for each and every kind of learner. Our range of interactive packages will allow you to improve all four of your language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking).

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  • AKAD Online Education
    Private lessons just for you!

    Learn English with your own private teacher in an online classroom environment, whenever and wherever you want. This quick, comfortable and effective way to learn will allow you to achieve your desired goal in a matter of weeks. Be it reading, speaking, listening or writing, a curriculum will be developed especially for you in accordance with your wishes and learning objectives. All of our online offers are conducted by experienced and well-qualified teachers.

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  • Diploma courses English exam preparation
    We prepare you quickly and successfully for your desired Certificate. The perfect preparation course for First (FCE), Advanced (CAE), and other general and business English Cambridge language certificates.

    If you need an internationally-recognized attestation of your linguistic proficiency in English: we will prepare you.

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  • Learning English in a level-acquisition course
    Learn English with our unique method: an entire proficiency level (A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2) in self-study, online private lessons or with our interactive E-learning platform.

    Our level-acquisition course is the best solution for whichever way you would like to acquire and expand your linguistic skills.

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  • English conversation courses
    You will speak in English about current topics in weekly conversation courses.

    Would you like to speak English better? In our small groups (7-12 participants) you will learn how to communicate better and more accurately about current topics and try new things.

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  • E-Lingua Business Level Acquisition A1 - C2 (2 months)

  • E-Lingua IELTS Exam Trainer Intensive (3 months)

  • E-Lingua IELTS Exam Trainer Leisurely (6 months)

  • E-Lingua Intensive Level Acquisition A1 - C1 (3 months)

  • E-Lingua Leisurely Level Acquisition A1 - C1 (9 months)

  • Englisch - Vorbereitung für Kalaidos Fachhochschule Gesundheit (im Selbststudium)

  • English A1 - Exam Training TELC English A1

  • English A1 - Level Acquisition Course

  • English A2 - Exam Training KET

  • English A2 - Level Acquisition Course

  • English A2/B1 - Conversation Course

  • English B1 - Exam Training BEC Preliminary

  • English B1 - Exam Training PET

  • English B1 - Level Acquisition Course

  • English B2 - Cambridge English: First Exam Preparation Course

  • English B2 - Exam Training BEC Vantage

  • English B2 - Level Acquisition Course

  • English B2/C1 - Conversation Course

  • English C1 - Business Correspondence

  • English C1 - Exam Training BEC Higher

  • English C1 - Exam Training CAE

  • English C1 - Level Acquisition Course

  • English C2 - Cambridge English: Proficiency Exam Preparation Course

  • English C2 - Level Acquisition Course

  • Online Private Lessons (Level A1 - C2) - 10 online sessions 90 minutes each

  • Online Private Lessons (Level A1 - C2) - 20 online sessions 90 minutes each

  • Online Private Lessons (Level A1 - C2) - 5 online sessions 90 minutes each

  • Support Sessions 60 minutes each


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