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The European Language Certificate TELC A1 (TELC English A1)

The "TELC English A1"-Test (The European Language Certificates) is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). After taking this certificate course, you will be able to form simple sentences about yourself and your environment.


Key English Test (A2) (KET A2)

The KET corresponds to an A2 (CEFR) level. After having obtained the KET, you will be able to use your target language for everyday situations.


Preliminary English Test (B1) (PET B1)

The PET corresponds to a B1 (CEFR) level. You can talk about daily routines and take part in simple discussions.


Cambridge English First Certificate (FCE B2)

The FCE corresponds to a B2 (CEFR) level. This is the most demanded test from the University of Cambridge. You are able to understand the main content of complex texts, and can speak spontaneously and easily.

Certificate in Advanced English (C1) (CAE C1)

The CAE corresponds to a C1 (CEFR) level. After obtaining this certificate, you will be able to integrate yourself into social and business environments. You can study in the targeted language and adapt yourself accordingly. You are able to use complex and various structures in order to express yourself.


Certificate of Proficiency (C2) (CPE C2)

The CPE corresponds to a C2 (CEFR) level. This test is required in order to pursue studies at English universities and institutions. You are able to speak spontaneously and fluently, using expressions and idioms comfortably and with ease. You are able to demonstrate your ability to understand the finer details of the language.


Business English Certificate Preliminary (B1) (BEC Preliminary B1)

The BEC Preliminary corresponds to a B1 (CEFR) level. This confirms that you have obtained the basics in business vocabulary and have the ability to write and speak in order to communicate on an elementary to a pre-intermediate level.


Business English Certificate Vantage (B2) (BEC Vantage B2)

The BEC Vantage corresponds to a B2 (CEFR) level. This is the most demanded business English certificate. You are able to independently and adequately communicate in the business world.


Business English Certificate Higher (C1) (BEC Higher C1)

The BEC Higher corresponds to a C1 (CEFR) level. This is the highest attainable business English certificate. You are competent in business communication and social situations as well.



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