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Current knowledge

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Course duration

3 Months




In this course you become familiar with the individual exam components. The exam-relevant content, such as vocabulary and structures, are conveyed interactively. At the end of this course you will have the right exam strategies prepared, thanks to the diagnostic format of this exam trainer.


  • You can prepare yourself systematically online for the recognized IELTS Exam: when and where you want.
  • You will stay motivated with our visual content like videos, informational diagrams, and up-to-date study content from different media sources.
  • The convenient «grammar app» helps you, to quickly and efficiently acquire all essential grammatical topics through interactive exercises.
  • You will know at any time, where you stand with diagnostic support.
  • You can follow your progress at any time with different management tools.
  • You decide when and where you learn English.
  • You can pay for this course in monthly installments without an extra charge


(Figures in CHF)Price per monthNumber of months
 CHF 65.003
Total CHF 195.-


Course structure

You will prepare yourself systematically for the IELTS-Exam on the online platform. You will be shown what awaits you on the exam and you will prepare yourself efficiently for the individual exam components: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

You can use the IELTS area in two ways: In guided training, i.e. guided learning/studying; or in solo practice: individual training.

In guided learning your assignments will be individually and automatically compiled based on your current level of already completed assignments, your target level, and the time until the exam. In this way you will complete an optimal mix of exercises and can specifically practice in those areas in which you still have difficulties. In Individual training you compile your exercises yourself. You will have access to the E-Learning platform and to the personal «Grammar App» for 3 months. An extension is possible on request at any time.


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Info / Contact

Next introductory seminar

For this course there are currently no introductory seminars planned. Please contact us for a personal consultation!


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