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Current knowledge

Please complete the placement test so that we can be sure that you are enrolled at the right level (straight to the placement test).

Course duration

9 Months




Level A1
In this course you will acquire the essential language skills for language level A1. At the end of level A1 you can understand and use familiar expressions and simple sentences as well as provide personal information and communicate in a simple way.

Level A2
By the end of A2, you will be able to understand frequently used expressions, provided they contain information about everyday activities such as shopping, work and the family. You will be able to describe in simple terms your circumstances, your immediate environment and matters of everyday life.

Level B1

In this course you will acquire the language skills required for B1. By the end of level B1, you will be able to understand the essential parts of a conversation, provided clear standard speech is used and the content is something familiar and concrete. You will be able to deal with most everyday situations, talk about experiences and justify opinions.

Level B2

In this course you will acquire the language skills required for B2. By the end of level B2, you will be able to follow longer articles on abstract topics and understand news programmes. You will be able to give your opinion on personal and formal topics in writing.

Level C1

In this course you will acquire the language skills required for C1. By the end of level C1, you will be able to have spontaneous and effortless conversations on complex topics, understand specialist articles and technical instructions, express yourself clearly and precisely in writing and choose an appropriate register of speech.


  • You can acquire an entire level online with your curriculum.
  • With our visual content like videos, informational diagrams, and up-to-date study content from different media sources you will stay motivated.
  • The convenient «grammar app» helps you to quickly and efficiently acquire all essential grammatical topics through interactive exercises.
  • With the online progress tests and the diagnostic support, you will know where you stand at any time.
  • You can follow your progress at any time with different management tools.
  • You decide when and where you learn English.
  • You can pay for this course in monthly installments without an extra charge.


(Figures in CHF)Price per monthNumber of months
 CHF 62.009
Total CHF 558.-


Course structure

Interactive and up-to-date lessons in your curriculum provide the support that you need to improve your language skills and your English internet skills.  In addition, you have the possibility to assess your own performance with the self-assessment tool and to measure your efficient language acquisition with progress tests.  You can decide freely how, where, and how often you want to learn English.  You will have access to the E-Learning platform and to the personal «Grammar App».  An extension is possible at any time on request.


Flyer - E-Lingua English (pdf)141 KBDownload
Table of Contents - A1 (pdf)329 KBDownload
Table of Contents - A2 (pdf)273 KBDownload
Table of Contents - B1 (pdf)273 KBDownload
Table of Contents - B2 (pdf)337 KBDownload
Table of Contents - C1 (pdf)259 KBDownload

Info / Contact

Next introductory seminar

For this course there are currently no introductory seminars planned. Please contact us for a personal consultation!


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