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  • AKAD Method
    AKAD paths – you decide the path to your learning goal!

    You decide the form of your education. We offer you various possibilities or ‘paths’. The paths combine classroom lessons and self-study with varying intensity. Which path you choose is entirely up to you.

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  • AKAD learning materials
    Helping you process the subject matter as efficiently as possible

    The aim of all our learning materials is to support you in your learning. These materials will help you get into the subject and retain the content more easily. The texts have also been written in a way that makes them suitable for self-study – ensuring they contribute to your long-term success.

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  • The AKAD learning platform
    Interactive exchange

    Nowadays, increasing mobility means that a physical presence in the classroom is no longer essential. The exchange takes place interactively in the internet learning platform.

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  • Learning tips
    Learning made easier for you

    What do I need to take into account to make learning easier? How do I go about preparing effectively for an exam? What should I keep in mind? What's the best way for me to learn? Here you will find some tips on how to learn.

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