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Advantages of the AKAD lessons

Accordance with specialist teaching guidelines

The AKAD lessons are divided into several sequences. The aim of each sequence is to support your learning. This may be to introduce you to the subject, to acquire and assimilate the learning material, or to check your knowledge. Each sequence is prepared in accordance with specialist teaching guidelines.

Structure of an AKAD lesson

The introductory sequence
The introductory sequence introduces you to the topic being dealt with. It shows how the sequence is structured and what learning objectives should have been met at the end of the lesson.

The learning sequence
In the various learning sequences, you acquire the material. You are given a summary of each learning sequence. You use the final control questions to check whether you have understood the content of the learning sequence. The answers to the questions are at the end of each AKAD lesson.

The concluding sequence
The lessons usually contain max. 80 pages, and that means a lot of knowledge for you to acquire. The summary at the end of each lesson gives you an overview of the key contents. The subject index helps you find the content you need quickly.

The test exercises
Are you sure you've understood the material? Test yourself. For every lesson, test exercises are set in the learning platform. These test your knowledge of the entire lesson. Unlike the control questions, this test is corrected by a person, the web teacher.

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