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When you learn with us, help is always close at hand. The AKAD learning platform is a virtual communication platform for students of any AKAD school. Here, you can find information and tips relating to your course or study programme. You can contact a web teacher by email if you have a question on one of the study booklets. You'll then find questions and answers in the forum relating to the AKAD study booklet. You can also do the test exercises for your AKAD lessons online via the learning platform.

Help with technical problems


Login problems, system errors, problems with safety features such as antivirus software and pop-up blockers, teaching materials forum, test exercises in the learning platform, Where can I find ...?

Telephone hotline 0848 89 0848 or Email us at:

AKAD Banking+Finance  hfbf-hotline@akad.ch
AKAD Business lrhl-bus@akad.ch 
AKAD College lernraum.college@akad.ch
AKAD Home Academy lrhl-aha@akad.ch
AKAD Language+Culture    sprachen@akad.ch
HFV lrhl-bus@akad.ch

For system errors (error messages), we rely on a screen dump (PrintScreen) to enable us to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Web teachers answer your comprehension questions

Support in the learning platform

 AKAD WebteacherHave you got questions about specific learning contents of an AKAD lesson? Even if you're studying at home, help is close at hand. Web teachers answer your questions about specific issues you may have with the learning content. You can post your questions directly in the AKAD learning platform, and you'll receive a response within two working days.




Problems with test exercises

The support to help you succeed

For technical problems with test exercises, please contact support@compendio.ch


Check your knowledge with the online tests

AKAD Learning Platforms

AKAD OnlinetestTest exercises are a component of every AKAD lesson. You can do these online in the learning platform. This enables you to review the knowledge you've acquired, and to apply it in targeted case studies. In addition, you always know where you stand.





Correctors for the online tests

Receive feedback

AKAD WebteacherThe correctors mark your online tests, and put notes, comments and learning tips in the tests. They also take on the role of motivators.