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The AKAD method takes your individual needs into account

Efficient and geared towards success

AKAD students have a high pass rate in Swiss national examinations. Is that because only people who are particularly ambitious and eager to learn follow a course at AKAD? Or is it more because AKAD’s courses are particularly efficient and geared towards success?

One thing is certain: the AKAD method meets a wide range of needs. Do you prefer to learn on your own, at a time and place that suits you? If so, opt for the path that involves more self-study. Do you prefer to work together with others in a classroom setting? In that case you should choose the path that involves more classroom-based learning.

Whichever option you choose, the AKAD method supports the learning process by taking your individual needs into account.

Learn more easily, make progress with confidence...

Your success is our success

To help you learn more easily, we combine the latest learning and teaching elements:

  1. Guided self-study with specially developed teaching materials 
  2. Classroom lessons to deepen and consolidate skills
  3. Continuous knowledge testing with control questions and online tests to check your knowledge
  4. Round-the-clock support from web teachers in the internet learning platform

Do you want tips on learning? Check out our learning tips.

Enhance your skills

At AKAD you will pick up more than just knowledge!

If you follow a course at AKAD, you will of course acquire specialist knowledge first and foremost. However, the AKAD method will also help you to enhance various so-called soft skills:

  • The AKAD method promotes independent working.
    The AKAD method places a considerable emphasis on self-study, through which you will acquire knowledge individually and independently. Although you will be supported by the AKAD lessons, which have been designed to ensure they are suitable for self-study, and by web teachers, you are responsible yourself for your learning progress. This means that you decide yourself when, where and how much you learn.
  • The AKAD method promotes methodological skills.
    During self-study you will learn how to deal with any questions that arise. You will know where you can look for what answers and will learn to assess which questions urgently need to be answered to make progress with your learning and which can be left aside.
  • The AKAD method promotes an efficient working method.
    During self-study you will work on the material on the basis of learning goals and in this way will prepare for the classroom lesson. This ensures that all participants in the classroom lesson have the same level of knowledge. Over time you will acquire techniques and methods that will allow you to familiarise yourself with the material as effectively as possible in the shortest possible time.
  • The AKAD method promotes assertiveness.
    Self-study allows you a great deal of freedom, but also calls for good planning. To ensure you keep to your planned learning periods, from time to time you will probably have to say “no” to the people around you and will also have to be strict with yourself.
  • The AKAD method promotes time management.
    For the most part, AKAD’s further education courses are followed alongside employment. You will therefore learn to coordinate and plan your educational goals and your professional and family commitments as effectively as possible.
  • The AKAD method promotes social skills.
    Classroom lessons provide an opportunity to broaden and transfer knowledge. Here you will form part of a group of students who will work, discuss and make progress together.

A (further) education course at AKAD is not an easy option. By completing the course successfully, you will demonstrate your motivation. This is something that will be acknowledged and appreciated in the world of work.

Learning for life

Significant advantages in the job market

With AKAD, you'll learn how to love learning. You'll learn how to organise your thinking so that you acquire knowledge yourself. You'll learn to be enthusiastic about learning content. In short, in addition to theoretical knowledge you'll acquire skills that will bring you many practical benefits. You'll be able to quickly learn the skills you need in a new field. You'll acquire new knowledge in a structured way. And you will actively assimilate new information. This gives an AKAD student significant advantages in the job market.

  • Classroom lessons
    Learn with a group

    Do you want to deepen and integrate your knowledge and practice what you've learned? With classroom lessons, you can.

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  • Guided self-study
    Individual learning

    The guided self-study helps you to acquire and consolidate the theoretical knowledge.

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