AKAD Claim Englisch

Guided self-study

Individual learning

AKAD Begleitetes Selbststudium

The guided self-study helps you to acquire and consolidate the theoretical knowledge. For this purpose, specially adapted lessons, called AKAD lessons, are made available to you. These lessons have been specially designed to meet the needs of distance-learning. You are both student and knowledge checker simultaneously. You can work through the material at your leisure, systematically closing gaps in your knowledge and testing your skills as you go. For questions relating to content, web teachers are available to help you.

Guided self-study – the best of both worlds

Work independently but with the best possible support

You learn independently, whenever, wherever and however you want to. You are not on your own, however, as you are supported by the following tools:

  • Specially adapted learning material, the so-called AKAD lessons. The subject matter is therefore broken down into easily digestible portions. This structured approach helps you find your way around the subject matter. The language used is easy to follow and tasks at the end of theory sections give you the chance to check that you have understood what you have learnt.
  • At the end of each lesson you can make sure once again that everything has sunk in by completing an online test. You will receive feedback on this test from a corrector.

If you get stuck, web teachers are available to help you. They will answer written questions linked to your understanding of AKAD lessons.

Self-study – Path 1

Decide for yourself how quickly you want to learn

Acquire the basic knowledge by guided self-study without classroom lessons. Guided self-study can be adapted to your own learning pace. You can spread the learning units out over several semesters. And you can start learning whenever it suits you.

At a later point in the training, you supplement the self-study with classroom lessons.

Self-study with classroom lessons – Path 2

Combined learning

Here too, you acquire the basic knowledge by guided self-study. In contrast to Path 1, however, the self-study is combined with classroom lessons from the beginning of the AKAD course.

Self-study with frequent classroom lessons – Path 3

High proportion of classroom lessons

Don't always find it easy to discipline yourself to work alone? As in Path 2, the self-study is combined with classroom lessons. But the proportion of classroom lessons is considerably higher than in Path 2.