AKAD Claim Englisch

Classroom lessons

Learn with a group

AKAD Pädagogischer Mitarbeiter

Do you want to deepen and integrate your knowledge and practice what you've learned? With classroom lessons, you can.

You will receive a study plan for each course, which tells you about the learning content of each lesson. At the same time, it shows you how to prepare for the relevant lesson with self-study. This means all learners start out with the same basic theoretical knowledge. During the classroom lesson, this knowledge is discussed and consolidated. The material is retained in your memory. You are guided through the course by experienced, fully-trained teaching staff working within the standards of a quality system.

Preparing for classroom lessons

A work plan ensures you are well prepared

With AKAD, you'll learn how to love learning. You'll learn how to organise your thinking so that you acquire knowledge yourself. You'll learn to be enthusiastic about learning content. In short, in addition to theoretical knowledge you'll acquire skills that will bring you many practical benefits. You'll be able to quickly learn the skills you need in a new field. You'll acquire new knowledge in a structured way. And you will actively assimilate new information. This gives an AKAD student significant advantages in the job market.